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3 Benefits of Power Naps in the Office

16 Dec 2016 | Under Blog | Posted by | 0 Comments
3 Benefits of Power Naps in the Office

3 Benefits of Power Naps in The Office


Every Wednesday afternoon is the company’s biggest weekly meeting, but unlike any meeting in the past, this one was extremely different. Although the CEO started with his normal greetings, his typical agenda had changed. He called for “nap time,” and recommended everyone utilize the next 20 minutes for resting in one of the sides rooms. Everyone looked around with surprised faces unsure of what to do. In the moment, no one knew whether their boss was being serious or playing a mind trick. Although the room became silent, it took only one dare devil to give it a try. Everyone watched as the dare devil rose up and made his way to the room and turned off the lights. No one said anything, they all thought “he has got to be fired.”


The CEO continued his meeting with the rest of the employees like nothing happened. After 20 minutes, he went to wake the employee who took a nap. He asked for him to step in front of the room and tell the office if he felt refreshed or not. Although he did say yes, this is not what everyone found surprising. It was the CEO’s response that followed. “I told everyone to take a 20-minute nap to refresh their brain, and out of 30 of you, only one listened. There is a lot of science that supports the theory of naps and how it improves your overall quality as a worker. Here are 3 benefits of power naps in the office.”


  1. Memory and Learning

3 Benefits of Power Naps in the Office

A lack of sleep can make your brain feel clouded. Some compare this hazy feeling to the pain of a hangover. When you feel drowsy, you are reducing your cognitive function, making it harder to recall or learn information. The average human needs roughly eight hours of sleep to function properly.


Unfortunately, life can catch up to us, and hitting the minimum of eight hours can be tough. Although a 20-minute nap may not make-up for all the missed hours, it will have a stronger and longer benefit than just a cup of coffee. Within just 20 minutes, you can rejuvenate your body and start feeling refueled. When you wake up from your power nap, your neurons perform the same function as before, except now they are faster and work with more accuracy.



  1. Productivity


When we are well-rested. we end up performing better the following day compared to when we enjoyed a night out. There is a direct coloration that follows with the amount of hours we sleep compared to our productivity the following day.


During the day we may find ourselves “crashing” as we zone out at our computer, browsing the internet. Instead of pretending you are getting the job done, you can gain your productivity back by taking a power nap.



  1. Mood and Stress Levels

3 Benefits of Power Naps in the Office

Ever notice when you are lacking a sufficient amount of sleep that you get easily angered the following day? That’s because the two go hand-in-hand. Similar to productivity, your mood and stress levels are effected when you do not get the correct amount of sleep. It has been found that sleep loss will make you feel more upset, angry and sad no matter what happens. Within just 20 minutes of rest, you can recoup your body and lift your mood.



A week flew by after the small lesson from their CEO, and it was time for the normal Wednesday afternoon meeting. Unlike last week, the entire room went into the room as soon as the CEO announced for everyone to take a 20-minute power nap. Power naps in the office may sound foolish, but they are occurring in the real world.


Currently, the Empire State Building, has sections where there are MetroNaps which are a darkened, cot-like bed with an electronic timer. This innovative product has gone as big as attracting investment bankers and Broadway actors who need to refuel their bodies. Just like the workers in the Empire State Building, you will find superior benefits in taking a 20-minute power nap, but you won’t know until you try.


If you wish to work for a company that cares for the health and well-being of their employees, then working from a company like Regenerative Medicine Solutions or the Lung Institute may be an option for you. Please check out our employment options or contact us at 877-867-4551. Please don’t hesitate to take a 20-minute nap before you do!


Written by Regenerative Medicine Solutions

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