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4 Phrases You Should Say to Your Colleagues Today

19 Apr 2017 | Under Blog | Posted by | 0 Comments
4 Phrases should say to your co-workers today

Whether it’s a simple “have a good day” text or a friend surprising you with coffee, we have all felt the difference that small gestures can make. What I find quite odd is how we are aware of the positive impact of the little things, but we rarely do them for others. Can you recall the last time you flipped someone’s day around with a small gesture? If yes, then great, keep doing what you are doing. If not, don’t worry. You can change that by starting with these phrases you should say to your colleagues today.


Speak Out Loud

“You did great on…”

“I admired your approach on…”

“I really like your idea with…”


How often do you walk by people and admire their outfit, but bite your tongue and keep walking? In the office, people tend to bite their tongues more than they should, so today I advice you to start speaking out loud. Please do not be mistaken; I am not insisting that you compliment everyone’s shirt in the office, that would be just out-right silly. I am simply inviting you to open the door with expressing those small comments that you may often hide inside. One of the smallest compliments I received was after meeting, a colleague approached me saying “wow, I was really impressed with how you went about….” Little did that person know,  I was unsure about bringing up my new idea. But, that compliment encouraged me to keep going. So, when you feel something, say something. Just remember to keep it positive.



Give a Hand


“How can I help?”

“Let me take this off your shoulders.”

“Let’s work together.”


I’m sure most of us can recall a time, when we had our hands full, and there was that one person that went out of the way to help us. Whether it was carrying our things or simply or opening the door, be that person. If you have some down-time and know that one of your colleagues has a lot to complete, offer to help. Although, in some cases you may not be able to do much, it’s the thought that counts. In return, you never know when that person may offer the same to you.


Own It

4 Phrases should say to your co-workers today

“I’m sorry. I should’ve…”

You’re breathing right now, right? Well, guess what? So am I and everyone else around you. We are all human, and because of that, you will make mistakes. I’s okay, just as long as you can own it. Whether it’s missing a due date to completely forgetting about an important meeting, it happens. We can’t be perfect all the time because then that would make us superman and that’s just unrealistic. Regardless, we can choose to be as perfectly human as possible by apologizing on our faults. If you know you should have done something differently, go up to your colleague and apologize. Say your sorry and promise that you won’t let it happen again. Perhaps, you may add a course of action you plan to take to show that you are doing everything you can to avoid the mistake from re-occurring.


Open the Door

“Would you like to go for a walk?”

“Would you like to grab a coffee?”

Did you know that same areas of the brain become activated when we experience rejection as when we experience physical pain? Ouch, it can be painful to be the odd one out. In the office, this is especially true to the newest member of the team. Take the extra step and invite a colleague to grab coffee. Opening the door to make everyone comfortable will contribute to building a strong foundation of teamwork. In the end, it will make your day better knowing that you made a new friend.

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