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4 Tips for Open Office Etiquette

17 Mar 2017 | Under Blog | Posted by | 0 Comments
4 Tips for Open Office Etiquette

4 Tips for Open Office Etiquette


Have you ever been so focused on one task and suddenly a small distraction takes your focus away? Working in an open office has many benefits, but distractions can be one of its biggest drawbacks. Thankfully, by working as a team, distractions can be resolved with a few minor tweaks. Read these 4 tips for open office etiquette  to create a better working atmosphere in your office.


Commit to a low noise level

 The biggest distraction in an open office setting is the noise level. Stay aware of your voice level when communicating with others or when you are on the phone. Small noises such as tapping your pen, fiddling your feet and loud music on your headphones can be a distraction, too. Focus on keeping these distractions to a minimum.


Don’t Steal

4 Tips for Open Office Etiquette

An open office does not guarantee that all your belongings are safe. Although most know to secure or take their valuables home, it’s smaller work supplies like pens that end up getting taken the most. Have you ever been in the middle of something and go to grab your scissors or stapler and it’s gone? Clearly, we do not like it when our stuff goes missing. To avoid having this happen, go to your storage closet to get the supplies you are missing and not from the person’s desk next to yours.


Be Hygienic

 No one appreciates sitting next to a slob or being trapped in air filled with body odor. Respect those around you and stay clean. Keeping napkins at your desk as well as hand sanitizer can help during clumsy incidents. In addition, do not come to work sick. As we know, germs spread quickly and even more so in an open office. The last situation you would want to put your company in is to have the whole office sick. Respect those around you and stay home.


Help with Upkeep

 4 Tips for Open Office Etiquette

In an open office, most appliances are shared. These appliances include the printer, microwave, toaster and more. It’s important that everyone works as a team to keep these appliances cleaned and up-to-date. It’s simple maintenance, like if the printer is out of paper, add paper. If the microwave is dirty, clean it. Having an open office is a team effort, and it’s important for everyone to work together to keep it clean.

There are many reasons people enjoy the . To make the most of an open office, be sure to take caution and respect those around you. Regenerative Medicine Solutions uses their open office to its advantage by creating an up-lifting, collaborative environment. If you desire to work for a company that strives to bring the team together, then Regenerative Medicine Solutions  or The Lung Institute might be right for you. Be sure to check our employment opportunities or contact us at (877) 867-4551.

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