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4 Ways to Positively Avoid Being Distracted

3 Feb 2017 | Under Blog | Posted by | 0 Comments
4 ways to positively avoid being distracted

4 Ways to positively avoid distractions.


Distractions can take over the present moment by throwing us off on what we are trying to accomplish. Whether it’s the opening of an office door, a new email, or the vibration of our phones, it can throw us off. Let’s talk about multitasking. If we wish to put 100% effort into what we are working on, we must focus on one task at a time. We often hear people say “I am a good multitasker,” but here are three reasons there is no true “good multitasker:”



  • Multitasking leads to as much as a 40% drop in productivity, increased stress, and a 10% drop in IQ.
  • When you are interrupted by a task it can take you up to 15 whole minutes to get your mind refocused on a task.
  • On average, those who use a computer for work are distracted around once ever 10.5 minutes. In an 8-hour work day, the average employee might lose up to 2.5 hours to distractions.


Now, that you see the truth behind multitasking, let’s learn 4 ways to positively avoid distractions.


Manage your time and space.

4 ways to positively avoid being distracted

To make the most use of your time, it’s important to figure out the best time of day to do the tasks that are the most detailed. Depending on your workplace, there are most likely quieter hours in the office. In most cases, distractions occur around lunch hour. To avoid getting caught up in them, plan your day schedule around this hour Personally, I love to get into the office early to focus on my hardest task of the day. I find the office to be very quiet, and I can give 100% of my attention to that project. Find your own best time to avoid distractions.

Limit technology interruptions.4 ways to positively avoid being distracted

We are all susceptible to distractions caused by our phones. To avoid letting your phone get in the way, turn off all sounds and vibrations. Remember, it takes 15 minutes to return to focus, so it’s important to keep your outside life separate. Do not connect your phone up to your work computer. It may seem convenient, but it will only intensify your distractions.

Keep thoughts focused

Our minds can wander. Often, we are thinking of one thing, while doing another. Think about your drive to work this morning. Do you remember it? Most of the time it becomes a blurred vision, rarely do we keep our minds focused on driving.  This is one example of how we create our own distractions by scattering our thoughts. While working, focus your thoughts only on the task at hand. If you noticed you are floating away, pause, take a breath and get back to work.


Make time to reflect.

Consider using a daily planner. At the end of each day, write down the following work day’s tasks. This will help you start your day with focus, organize your time, and get things done. This list, will also help you flow from one job duty to the next, without your mind getting sidetrack.

Avoiding distractions in a work office setting can happen. Here at Regenerative Medicine Solutions, we are always looking for innovative and driven workers that look to grow in their careers. If you’re interested in learning more about RMS, and the Lung Institute, check out our latest blogemployment opportunities or contact us at (877) 867-4551.



How do you stay organized? Check out these 5 ways keeping a daily planner can help you. #OfficeTips


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