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5 Benefits of Having a Hobby

27 Jun 2016 | Under Blog | Posted by | 0 Comments
5 Benefits of Having a Hobby

A hobby can be anything you put your mind to.

When working within the professional world, it’s easy to become lost in the day-to-day of a 9-5pm job. It can be stressful, to say the least, and without a true outlet for creative or intellectual expression, an abundance of unreleased stress can be incredibly detrimental to one’s health. Worse yet is the fact that unplanned time can be wasted. Whether it’s spending ten free hours to binge-watch a season of Game of Thrones or spending those same ten hours to learn how to swim, our time is a critical resource to all of us, so it’s best to use it productively. It may be time to pick a hobby.

For your inspiration, Regenerative Medicine Solutions is here to give you 5 Benefits of Having a Hobby, and why picking up a new hobby can be good for your body and your mind.

5. You Get to Take a Break

After a long day of work, it’s important to take some time to relax the mind. Whether that’s by cooking a meal or spending a few hours watching the game, the human brain needs time to wind down. However, that doesn’t mean something productive can’t also be a break for the mind. From drawing, playing chess or reading, a hobby can be anything that allows the mind to focus on a single enjoyable task.

 4. New Challenges Mean New Experiences

One of the best benefits of starting a new hobby is the challenge it presents. For instance, if you wanted to take up knitting and had no experience with yarn, needles or the technique of knitting, you’d be forced to learn through reading, online research and trial-and-error. The key is to allow yourself to be bad at a given hobby or skillset, in the beginning, the fun part is the journey, the learning and getting better.

5 Benefits of Having a Hobby

3. Hobbies Can Allow You to Meet New People

With new challenges being introduced through the development of a new hobby, at times it may be necessary to reach out and network with others who have similar hobbies or skillsets. As an example, if you decided you wanted to pick up drone flying as a hobby, and you’ve already purchased your equipment, done your research and have begun to practice, it may be time to consider collaborating. By meeting others with similar hobbies and skill sets, it allows you to broaden your own experiences, pick up new things, network and make new friends.

2. Destressing Can Save Your Life

The long-term effects of stress can be significantly damaging to one’s health. However, by giving yourself constructive break time (i.e. time for hobbies), you allow yourself to destress while mentally remaining productive. Research has shown that hobbies can promote better health while lowering the risk of depression and dementia. People with hobbies have also reported their blood pressure lowering and their mood to improving after beginning a new activity.

5 Benefits of Having a Hobby

 1. It’s a Great Way to Build Confidence

Simply put, it feels great to be good at something. Although it may take some time to develop a hobby to the point where you feel confidently skilled, the success is in the journey itself and not the destination. Whether pursuing a hobby in crafts, sports, puzzles, outdoor activities or skill development, a hobby should be a diversion and a passion. Let it create a sense of purpose. When those needs are fulfilled, a hobby can be an excellent respite for the body and mind.

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