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5 Daily Habits for Workplace Success

7 Jan 2016 | Under Blog, Employment, Staff | Posted by | 0 Comments
5 Daily Habits for Workplace Success

“Do nothing which is of no use.”

Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵) c. 1584 – 1645

Sometimes we get into a rut at work. Simple tasks can seem daunting, if not overwhelming. I’ve found that going back to a few basic organization principles can help me break free from the sense that I’ve stopped moving forward. Here are 5 Daily Habits for Workplace Success that have worked for me:

Visualize Goals

I like to set goals; however, it can be easy to forget about them. I start by writing them in a notebook, but that’s not enough—I’m too forgetful. So, I either use a dry-erase board or use sticky notes on the wall to keep goals front and center. This helps me to prioritize day-to-day tasks and remind myself that tasks should serve to accomplish goals. A task that doesn’t nest inside a goal is useless. If it’s fun, save it for leisure time. Otherwise, scrap it.

Define Priorities

What are your main priorities in your life? How do you use the majority of your time? Is there a mismatch between these two things? If so, you may benefit from being more mindful of time spent on priorities versus time spent on activities that don’t contribute to your goals. Consider how you want to spend your life – you will feel more successful if you spend time on what matters most to you.


Single tasking is the key to productivity. The human brain is generally not adept at rapidly switching from task to task. If you have the luxury of 2-4 hours of meeting-free time, silence electronic noises for at least one long block of time. If your schedule is too full to claim a large chunk of time for yourself, perhaps a focusing tactic for a shorter period would help. I have found the Pomodoro Technique to be especially useful.

I’m using it at this moment, as I write this post. Italian for tomato, after the common tomato-shaped kitchen timer, it’s simple, and requires no special software or how-to book. Call it anything you like–simply set a timer for 25 minutes, and protect yourself from distractions for that time. No matter how loathsome you may find a given task, you’ll find you can do just about anything for 25 minutes. Barricade the door. Tell your children you’ve run away to Borneo. Do whatever it takes to beg, borrow, or steal that precious 25 minutes. When your timer goes off, congratulate yourself on 25 minutes of intense, focused productivity. Get up and walk around. Smile. Have a snack. Repeat as needed throughout the day.

Show Up Early

I get a lot of my important work done before anyone else arrives in the office. Sometimes, this work consists of personal tasks I’d otherwise have to take care of during the workday. We’re all more effective at work if we feel we’ve taken care of life’s daily “ankle-biter” tasks.

Evaluate What’s Not Working

It’s the beginning of a new year, so why not take the time to evaluate how you do things? If what you have been doing forever no longer serves you, don’t be afraid to try something new.

Are you having trouble prioritizing and staying on the task at hand? Has social media been consuming more than its fair share of time? Maybe you’ve been neglecting your health or nutrition. Resolve to take better care of yourself. Perhaps performing one tiny act of kindness for a co-worker could start the year off with better professional relationships.

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