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5 Lessons from the Life of Prince

25 Apr 2016 | Under Blog | Posted by | 0 Comments
5 Lessons from the Life of Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson known simply as “Prince” died on April 21st, 2016. Across the globe, the world paid tribute to his contributions in music, fashion and culture. For many, Prince was more than simply a musician, and instead existed as a source of inspiration in his fans- an enduring icon of unbridled fearlessness and love. Although taken away at only 57, the life of Prince is ripe in many lessons for generations to come: of courage, of self-confidence, and of discipline.

For your inspiration Regenerative Medicine Solutions is here to provide you with 5 Lessons from the Life of Prince that will not only shape the way you see the world, but how you see yourself.

So to start, Prince taught us to…

5. Know Your Worth

5 Lessons from the Life of Prince

One of the most memorable events in the life of Prince (as well as bizarre) was when he legally changed his name to the “love symbol”. Although many would chop this up to Prince’s already flamboyant and strange eccentricities, the reasoning behind this name change was actually economically based. In a disagreement with his current record label, Warner Bros., the label refused to release his backlog of recorded music at a steady pace. In 1993, Prince changed his name and began releasing albums in quick succession to free himself from his contract. His name change would serve as a break from the old him and allow a reborn vision of creative expression. In this act, Prince was willing to give up everything down to his name, in order to retain his vision; his belief in himself and his work was simply unmatched.

4. Stay Strong in Your Convictions

5 Lessons from the Life of Prince

Unknown to many but the most die-hard fans, Prince was a card-carrying Jehovah’s witness. With a net worth of over 300 million dollars, Prince would commonly go door to door to speak to others about the teachings of Jehovah. Picture that for a second. That would be the equivalent of Taylor Swift knocking on your door at Christmas to sing Christmas Carols. No cameras, just a smile and a song, then be off on her way as your jaw softly hit the ground. That was Prince. Jehovah’s witnesses are known to reject blood products and when Prince’s hips went bad after years of dancing in heels, rather than get a simple surgery, he chose to walk with a cane for the rest of his life while continuing to perform.

3. Hard Work is Everything

5 Lessons from the Life of Prince

There are very few musicians as talented as Prince, but there may be none as hardworking. Within a career spanning approximately 40 years, Prince has released 39 albums, won seven Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe, an Academy Award, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and has sold over 100 million records worldwide. Known to be a perfectionist, Prince was a multi-instrumentalist, playing each instrument on his albums in addition to singing, song-writing, record producing and acting.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to be Different

5 Lessons from the Life of Prince

In a time where the outward expression of black masculinity may have been at its highest point, Prince defied all expectations of gender, race, and style. Iconic for his flamboyant attitude as well as attire, Prince would regularly wear make-up and purple, frill-covered shirts. On his stage he would be an advocate for all female band-members and worked to advance the presence of women in the music industry as whole. In this way, Prince was fearless, and despite his feminine appearance, his charisma laid in his unyielding confidence and self-identity.

1. Spread Love

5 Lessons from the Life of Prince

Perhaps the most enduring undercurrent of Prince’s lifestyle and mantra was the idea of spreading love in all forms. From his music to his personal faith, Prince led a life of treating people kindly and with the utmost respect. From a young age, Prince suffered from epilepsy, experiencing severe seizures as a child. With a strong sense of faith, he addressed his mother one morning saying, “Mom, I’m not going to be sick anymore,” and when asked why, he replied, “Because an angel told me so.” Through and through, Prince was a man who believed in the beauty in others, and lived every day creating beautiful music to spread that message.

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