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5 Steps to Push Your Limits

14 Jul 2016 | Under Blog | Posted by | 0 Comments
5 Steps to Push Your Limits

5 Steps to Push Your Limits


Imagine boarding a plane to fly to the resort of your dreams, but as soon as it’s about to take off, you gather your belongings and make your way back into the airport. Or, when in the process of forcing yourself to conquer a steep hike, you turn away when you’re only a couple feet away from the top. In both situations it seems like you’re wasting your time, or, even worse, wasting your dreams. Why is it that sometimes we get so close to where we want to be, and at the last second, give up? What are we are losing grip of that pulls us back?


Pushing yourself is one thing, but knowing how to persevere is another. We often tend to push ourselves in a certain direction, but as soon as the going gets tough, we back out. Here is a list of steps you can take to ensure you stay on track for the entire 10 yards.


Have a goal

The first and one of the most important steps is to have a precise goal.  This will help keep your mind focused when you need that extra push.  One good strategy is to create S.M.A.R.T goals. S.M.A.R.T stands for creating a goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. When you breakdown your purpose by using these five guidelines, you will formulate a strong end goal. Further, when you set specific goals, you know exactly when your goal has been reached.

One step at a time

5 Steps to Push Your Limits

Often, people get ahead of themselves and jump in too quickly or try to accomplish too much. When you move fast, you’re forced to think fast, which may lead you off track. Take it one step at a time, and really focus on the present. Staying focused on each step is important to stay grounded, and ensure that you are doing the best you can in that moment. Slow, steady progress wins the race!


Keep fighting,

Just when you reach the point of feeling like you are out of motivation, that’s when you have to dig in your heels and use all of your energy to keep going. This step is where most people tend to back out. When you’re feeling burned out, sometimes the easiest option is to just give up, but don’t. If you quit, you’re back to the same place as the person who never even took the first step. It is important to remind yourself of your goal frequently, and to never stop fighting. Stay fearless, stay strong and believe in yourself. If you do, you’ll get there.


Practice self-recognition

5 Steps to Push Your Limits

Congratulations! After a strong fight, it is time to recognize how far you’ve come. You have pushed your limits and made it to your final destination. This is the time to reward yourself and revel in your accomplishments. Self-recognition is important for gaining an understanding of your capabilities to keep you pushing yourself to achieve the next goal.


Keep Going

When you look back, you might be amazed to see how far you have come. But do not stop there. After achieving one goal, strive to tackle another. Take what you learned the first time and apply it as you reach even further the next time. Learning and making changes will keep you going strong. Always push yourself if you want to have a domino effect of steady success.


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