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Creative Thinking: How to Think Outside the Box

4 Feb 2016 | Under Blog, Employment | Posted by | 0 Comments
Creative Thinking: How to Think Outside the Box

Need a little inspiration?

We can all feel stumped sometimes. Whether we work in creative or analytic fields, we’re confronted by new problems and conflicts every day. These issues can be increasingly complex, and yet ironically, can be solved by simple and creative solutions. Though these fixes might seem obvious after-the-fact, it takes out of the box thinking to find unique solutions to convoluted problems.

In the spirit of inspiration, Regenerative Medicine Solutions is here to impart sparks of creativity and motivate Creative Thinking: How to Think Outside the Box.


Creative Thinking: How to Think Outside the Box

The act of day-dreaming is the process of temporarily losing yourself in thoughts other than your immediate surroundings. Often this detachment can take the form of thinking or imagining other situations and settings. Researchers have recently found that the practice of day-dreaming can promote higher levels of working memory, which is the brain’s ability to retain and recall information in the face of distractions. For instance, if you were to promise to email your friend after work, and on the way home you got gas and groceries, stopped at an accident, called for help, then got home and emailed your friend, that would be very high working memory. So give yourself a few minutes to space out every now and then. Your brain will thank you.

4. Give Yourself Limitations

Creative Thinking: How to Think Outside the Box

History’s greatest ideas didn’t come from a perspective of limitless possibilities but often through strict limitations. In what is frequently referred to as the paradox of choice, the over-abundance of options can slow innovation and progress, sparking anxiety and helplessness. It’s been said that when writing his one of his most famous works, Green Eggs and Ham, Dr. Seuss bet his publisher he could get it within 50 words. In starting a new project or breaking through difficult problems, give yourself a set of restrictions and your creativity will soar.

3. Change Your Environment

Creative Thinking: How to Think Outside the Box

Even if it’s just stepping out of the office to stand in the parking lot, your brain and creativity need a boost of the unfamiliar at times. Your brain is a muscle and with any muscle, if you expose it to the same stimulus overtime there will be no growth. During your next lunch break, take a walk outside the office in a direction you’ve never gone. Embracing the unfamiliar is critical to opening new channels in the mind.

2. Mood is Everything

Creative Thinking: How to Think Outside the Box

Your mood can affect every aspect of your life and your perspective on it. Mood has a large effect on how we perceive tasks. In a recent study by Rice University, negative emotions were found to precipitate focus on current affairs and motivate us to exert high levels of effort to improve our position. On the other hand, positive feelings exhibited flexible and creative bursts in problem solving and insight.

So how do these two emotions work together?

When beginning a project, it’s best to start in a bad mood in order to spur the mind into action, while positivity is necessary in order to overcome unexpected challenges on the road to completion.

1. Embrace Failure

Creative Thinking: How to Think Outside the Box

A fear felt almost universally is a fear of failure. When engaging in any new task we don’t feel confident in, this precognition of the future is often negative. The key to remember is that in any new task, some form of failure is inevitable. Try not to allow this potential outcome to inhibit you from starting. Some of humanity’s greatest thinkers have realized this simple fact: failure is a lesson learned and anything great started from a simple idea. Feel free to make mistakes and just get something down. You can always polish it later.

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