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My First Week at RMS

15 Oct 2015 | Under Blog, Employment, Staff | Posted by | 0 Comments
My First Week at RMS

Every day I look out of the 7th floor window above Gaslight Park and the expanse of Downtown Tampa below and think to myself, life is good. I’ll start off by saying this, in a world where 70% of workers are either indifferent or actively dislike their jobs, I consider myself very lucky to have found Regenerative Medicine Solutions.


Previous Experience and Expectations

My name is Cameron Kennerly and I’m a Technical Copywriter. Graduating from Florida State University in the summer of 2014, I’ve spent much of my college and post-graduate career working in Marketing.

In my most recent position as the Marketing Coordinator for a small agricultural company — they made power tools for hoof trimming — I wore a lot of hats: marketing, advertising, copywriting and graphic design, and although the experience was undoubtedly rewarding, it wasn’t always pleasant. Needless to say after interviewing with our Content Strategist David Ebner and Senior Director of Marketing Natalie Lane, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was ready to get started.


First Impressions

When I walked into the offices of the Lung Institute, I was immediately blown away by the modernity of the layout and the natural candor of its employees. Within minutes of setting up my desk, I found that even within the hustle and bustle of a busy office, various staff made the time to walk over and introduce themselves; the goodwill was palpable and there was a genuine warmness and affection for any new addition to the team.

And that aspect of team culture is an important quality to recognize as it is the clear driving force of growth within the company. The departments, although different, work hand-in-hand within their respective roles to promote the company’s success, with each member working towards the same goal in bringing vital treatment to those in need.


Week in Transition

Due largely to the leadership of Content Strategist David Ebner, by the end of my first week at RMS I felt fully immersed within the company culture, my role in it, and the responsibilities of my position. Within the first few days- and after a welcoming lunch with my department- I was up-and-running and on a first name basis with staff members, quickly fostering relationships as the days went on.


Expectations of the Future

Although it’s only been a few weeks, I can honestly say I’ve been infected by the passion of Regenerative Medicine Solutions. I love the team that I’m a part of, the structure of the organization, and the energy present every day that guides everyone to do their best for the good of the organization and the patients they treat. I’m proud to be a part of the team and make my mark as time moves forward.


Favorite Thing So Far!

Splash Meetings- a weekly contest where employees submit funny videos- has become my new obsession. Although I haven’t won yet, the experience is wonderful and really brings the team together before we start our mornings. The perfect start to a Hump-Day.



Cameron Kennerly

Technical Copywriter

Written by Regenerative Medicine Solutions

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