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Regenerative Medicine Solutions’ inaugural Call to Innovate Summit allows employees to share their ideas for the company’s growth – and win $5,000.

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Call to Innovate Summit

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Regenerative Medicine Solutions, leading provider of marketing, patient relations and business intelligence solutions for brands in the field of regenerative medicine, holds an inaugural innovative summit to promote collaboration, creativity and provide company employees the opportunity to present new ideas.


Tampa, FL – June 28, 2017: Regenerative Medicine Solutions (RMS) prides itself on being a leader by supporting its clients in providing top notch, patient-centric care. The inaugural Call to Innovate Summit provides a platform for RMS’s employees to follow the company’s core value, “Always push the status quo.”

“We created this opportunity to challenge our employees to think outside their daily responsibilities and develop new initiatives,” said President and CEO Jimmy St. Louis. “The short time frame creates a need to focus and filter ideas for a better outcome.”

RMS employees brainstormed and researched their ideas in just one week’s time before presenting them Wednesday evening to a panel of outside judges. The initiatives presented include improving patient care, exploring untapped revenue strategies and elevating company culture.

The winning initiative suggests that the company builds relationships within the medical community starting with the local market and attending various educational workshops. These workshops eventually would grow into regional conferences with the ultimate goal of creating an annual nationwide medical conference. These employees recognize that there is a need to further develop relationships with physicians and that there is potential in those relationships to help more patients.

“I really enjoyed coming to together as a group and bouncing ideas off of my fellow employees. I feel the company and the employees realize how each of us has a unique perspective and innovative ideas,” said Aliz Wimberly, a winner of the $5,000 grand prize.

“The happier employees are, the more invested they are. Having the ability to participate in an event like this makes you feel like you are heard and your ideas matter,” said event organizer, Sara Jones.

About Regenerative Medicine Solutions

Regenerative Medicine Solutions (RMS) is a leading global provider of innovative regenerative technologies in order to treat an array of debilitating medical conditions. In addition, the company is the owner and operator of the Lung Institute. Committed to an individualized patient-centric approach, RMS consistently provides the highest quality of care while producing positive outcomes. By applying modern-day best practices to the growing field of regenerative medicine, RMS is changing lives. For more information, visit our website at, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter or call us today at 1-877-867-4551.

Written by Sara Jones & Sarah Pierce

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