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RMS Embraces Corporate Philanthropy

19 Nov 2015 | Under Blog, Volunteering | Posted by | 0 Comments
RMS Embraces Corporate Philanthropy

Tampa’s Regenerative Medicine Solutions (RMS) has become a leader in the field of local charitable initiatives. Volunteering time and money to take on projects that benefit people, animals and our environment, RMS understands the importance of being a good neighbor in the community. The company just became a finalist for the 2015 Benefactor of the Year Award through the Tampa Bay Business Journal in recognition of their local charitable programs, which will be announced on December 10 of this year.

CFO Jeremy Daniel chairs “RMS Gives,” RMS’ charity board.

“I believe that everyone can use an olive branch at some point in their lives,” Daniel stated. “We have wonderful non-profits doing great work for a variety of causes in the Tampa Bay area. If we can play just a small part in helping to change lives, we are grateful to do so.”

Corporate philanthropy not only feels good and improves lives, it also creates a competitive edge for an organization. An article published in Harvard Business Review (HBR) concluded,

“Indeed, we are learning that the most effective method of addressing many of the world’s pressing problems is often to mobilize the corporate sector in ways that benefit both society and companies.”

“Philanthropy improves the quality of life in our communities, thereby potentially reducing socio-economic costs of crime, pollution, homelessness and other preventable conditions.” The author of the HBR article further stated,

“Philanthropy can often be the most cost-effective way for a company to improve its competitive context, enabling companies to leverage the efforts and infrastructure of nonprofits and other institutions.”

RMS Gives has adopted a Meals on Wheels route and delivers meals every other Friday to people unable to leave their homes. RMS employees also volunteer at Trinity Café, a program created to feed the homeless and help restore their dignity through simple human social interaction. Tampa’s beautiful weather makes downtown a popular gathering spot for the homeless. RMS helps by relieving their hunger, so they can focus on bettering their situation.

The company’s legacy charity, Created Women, is an organization dedicated to saving women who have become victims of the sex trade. Sadly, Florida is ranked third in the nation for sex trafficking. Organizations like Created Women fight to save those who fall victim to society’s predators. By getting vulnerable people off the streets, Created Women, along with RMS, is improving Tampa in preparation for the economic boom that’s on its way. The city of Tampa, along with investors like Jeffrey Vinik and Bill Gates, is laying the groundwork for major municipal improvements. Corporate philanthropy can make Tampa a more compassionate city–a better place to live and work.

About Regenerative Medicine Solutions

Regenerative Medicine Solutions (RMS), founded in 2012, is a premier medical management company, supporting the Lung Institute by pushing the status-quo in the field of regenerative cellular medicine. Based in Tampa, Fla., RMS provides support, strategy and resources to the Lung Institute, placing them at the forefront of cellular therapy advancements and technology. RMS, currently experiencing hyper-growth, is creating new jobs nationwide; expansion plans include international growth within the next three years. For more information, visit or call (877) 867-4551.

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