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RMS Gives: 50 Ways to Lend a Hand

RMS Gives: 50 Ways to Lend a Hand

RMS Gives: 50 Ways to Lend a Hand

At Regenerative Medicine Solutions or MyRegenMed, we enjoy giving back to our local community and encouraging our employees to participate in volunteer opportunities. Regenerative Medicine Solutions engages with different organizations, and sometimes we start our own initiatives. Because we value innovation, community, and kindness, when we see an opportunity to benefit someone or a group of people, we take action and help.

For example, outside of our corporate office in Downtown Tampa, FL, we noticed that there are many people who are homeless. Some of them sit on the benches in Lykes Gaslight Square Park, which is across the street from our company’s office headquarters, and some seem to be continually moving to different locations nearby. Gaslight Park is filled with shade trees and green grass, so it is a haven for business people, tourists, and community members. Some of our employees noticed that many of the people who are homeless carry their belongings in plastic bags. After doing some research, we gained a better understanding of what people who are homeless want and need. Therefore, we took action and created our own program, RMS Gives: 50 Ways to Lend a Hand.

As part of the 50 Ways to Lend a Hand initiative, we reached out to our nationwide clinics, asking the employees of each location to donate certain goods. Our Scottsdale, AZ clinic was asked to donate utility items, such as water bottles, small flashlights, and rubber bands. The clinic in Nashville, TN was tasked with the category of collecting food, such as Ramen noodles, jars of peanut butter, canned foods and crackers. In Pittsburgh, the items needed were clothing, such as socks, washcloths, scarves and gloves. The Tampa clinic was asked to donate hygiene items, such as dental floss, hand sanitizer, lip balm and Band-Aids. Also, we reached out to our corporate partners, local restaurants, and a local dentist for assistance collecting the items. All of the donated products will be placed into backpacks, which will then be distributed to the people who are homeless at downtown Tampa’s Gaslight Park.

While we recognize that we might not be able to solve their problems, we can offer our support by providing them with some of the items they need. We are all part of the community, and communities help each other. Regenerative Medicine Solutions encourages employees to participate in charity events, organizations, and initiatives. We have found that by promoting compassion and empathy in our employees a healthy company atmosphere is achieved. Through donating food to bringing increased awareness to embracing all people, RMS Gives is committed to lending a helping hand.

Written by Regenerative Medicine Solutions

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