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RMS Gives: Engage, Enrich, Uplift

RMS Gives: Engage, Enrich, Uplift

RMS Gives: Engage, Enrich, Uplift

At Regenerative Medicine Solutions (RMS), giving back to our community is part of our company’s culture. We value being active members of society. Through participating, assisting and engaging in the world around us, we are able to help established organizations as well as start our own initiatives. Being part of an organization that helps people on a daily basis through our work in the industry and through helping charitable initiatives which benefit the community instills a sense of purpose, gratitude and service among our staff. RMS opens the door to opportunities which can make an impact and a difference in people’s lives.

According to Kristen, Secretary of RMS Gives, what stands out most to her is RMS Gives’ “ability to consider all options in helping a charity. Showing support to various charities in the local Tampa Bay area is definitely what makes [RMS] a unique group among corporate initiatives.”

After receiving a nomination, RMS is excited to announce that we have been chosen as a finalist for the Tampa Bay Business Journal 2015 Corporate Philanthropy award. The overall winner will be named the 2015 Benefactor of the Year and will be announced at a luncheon in early December.

When he heard the news, Jeremy, CFO of RMS and board chair of RMS Gives, stated he “was extremely proud of the team because [he] knows how hard they work.”

While working with different organizations, RMS Gives had the opportunity to see how other community members are working to support those in need. From working with an organization which helps women who have fallen victim to the illegal sex industry to delivering meals to homebound people to creating our own initiatives to assist the homeless in our community, RMS makes an impact on the lives of its employees and on the lives of community members.

RMS Gives’ Vice Chair, Maren, said that being part of RMS Gives has provided her with the opportunity to do what really fulfills her: serve others. This sentiment is shared among her colleagues. Maren continued by stating, “At RMS, charity isn’t something that we do when we have time on the weekends; it’s ingrained into our culture.”

We are honored to be a finalist among the other local businesses who also pride themselves in giving back to the community. We enjoy upholding the service mentality and encouraging others to do the same. At RMS, we aim to engage, enrich and uplift.

Regenerative Medicine Solutions is located in Tampa, FL and operates the Lung Institute. For more information about RMS, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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