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RMS Spotlight: Jessica Reed

RMS Spotlight: Jessica Reed

At Regenerative Medicine Solutions (RMS), we believe in the value of the individual. As part of our ongoing series, RMS: Spotlight, we honor one the most valuable and promising additions to our team. We recently sat down with the Director of Clinical Operations for the Lung Institute, Jessica Reed, for a brief interview.

So, Jessica, tell me about yourself?

I grew up in Ohio and graduated high school. From there I wanted to go somewhere warm, so I went to the University of Florida for undergrad and grad school. After college I went into family practice in Tampa. I worked in family practice for five years, and then heard about an opportunity to start with the Lung Institute.

I was excited for the change to be able to do something a little different, of not seeing patients quickly and refilling their blood pressure and cholesterol medicine or their inhalers, and sending them on their way, and seeing them in three months, and doing it all over again. So, coming to RMS and the Lung Institute was a good opportunity to see and get into a new field of medicine that’s growing.

How did you find the Lung Institute?

A friend of mine with the company told me a little bit about her job, and when they were looking to recruit a nurse practitioner, she let me know that there was an opportunity there.

What is your position and what does that entail?

I am the Director of Clinical Operations, so with that I train all of the new Nurse Practitioners or Physician’s Assistants in the other offices as we open. I oversee them on a continual basis in all of the clinic settings as well as work with the medical directors on any changing protocols while working to continually improve customer satisfaction and overall medical procedures with the clinics and the patients.

What was the biggest surprise you found when you started with the Lung Institute?

Coming from family practice where it’s very insurance based and you’re getting a co-pay and moving to cash pay system, I think you can see the difference. Getting to see the staff, everyone just enjoys being here and comes in with a smile. Also, the willingness of everyone to be a team  in every department, everyone just puts an interest in the patients even if they may not have direct contact with them, which I think is great for team bonding which makes our clinic even more successful because of that.

What have you learned since starting at the Lung Institute?

I think one thing, just being in this field of stem cells and regenerative medicine, is that you’re always learning more, so part of that is taking more time to do the research and pulling any possible information to help us move forward. It’s just a new way of thinking, of being more on the pioneering side of the field.

What is your favorite thing about working for the Lung Institute?

Having such a team-oriented company, and being able to work with people that have the same mentality of being excited makes you more excited to come to work.

What’s important to you?

Family and friends. Being able to enjoy life.

And what do you like to do outside of work?

I have a dog, so I enjoy spending time with her. Getting time to spend with my family. None of them live very far so it’s an easy commute to visit family and spending time outdoors.

What kind of dog is it?

A boxer.

Those dogs have a lot of energy!

(Laughs) That’s what most people say who don’t have one, they’re really not that bad!

Thanks, Jessica.

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