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Speak Like a Boss, Act Like a Boss

22 Jul 2016 | Under Blog | Posted by | 0 Comments
Speak Like a Boss, Act Like a Boss

Boss up.

Within this world, there are workers and there are bosses, and not everyone can be a part of the latter group. In the same way that leading doesn’t instantly make you a real leader, calling yourself the “The Boss” doesn’t instantly make you a real boss. So what does it mean to be a boss? Do you need fancy clothes? A nice car? A trophy wife or husband? Yes. All these things are incredibly important signifiers to let everyone know you’ve made it. But first, it’s all about attitude.

For your inspiration, Regenerative Medicine Solutions is here to show you just what that attitude is all about with advice on how to Speak Like a Boss, Act Like a Boss. And how thinking and acting like a boss can get you one step closer to gaining the title in your professional career.

Be Hungry

A common behavior among the world’s top CEOs, entrepreneurs and innovators are that none of them were ever really satisfied. Whether this dissatisfaction was with the current offerings of the market, or from a desire to simply be better than they were, the industry leaders we see today were all motivated towards ceaseless improvement. When thinking like a boss, it’s critical to appreciate your position but always move in ways to expand and better it. The successful are never comfortable.

Speak Like a Boss, Act Like a Boss

Time is Money, but It’s Everything Else Too

We’ve all heard the tired expression “Time is Money”, and although the phrase is cliché, it’s also incredibly true. Time is ultimately an opportunity; an opportunity to learn something new, develop a skill, or establish or maintain a relationship. To waste that time is to lose an opportunity, otherwise known as an opportunity cost. To think like a boss is to value every second, minute and hour and use them accordingly to further your goals.

So, now that you have the mindset of a boss, how do bosses carry themselves?

Listen then Talk

For many people, listening doesn’t always come easy. We’ve been primed throughout our lives to be constantly aware of what we’re saying and how we’re saying it, and the unfortunate side-effect of that type of communication is that it causes us not to listen. Instead, we’re waiting for our chance to speak rather than actively listening. In a 2006 study, it was shown that college students only spent about 24% of their time listening to others, down from 53% in 1980. When speaking with anyone, put down your phone, sit up straight, look them in the eyes and really listen; “awkward” pauses are a natural part of life.

Speak Like a Boss, Act Like a Boss

Assert Yourself

You won’t always agree with everything that happens to you in life. Whether it’s a decision that is made against your favor, a conflict that is out of your control or simply a thought you feel needs to be shared, it’s important to give power to your own voice. Being a boss isn’t about complaining when something’s wrong or gloating when you’re right. It’s about following what you think is right, and accepting when you’re wrong. The world is full of yes-men and women, so believe in yourself and your convictions, and act and behave accordingly.

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