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Team Building Workplace Activities

18 Mar 2016 | Under Blog | Posted by | 2 Comments
Team Building Workplace Activities

They say that teamwork makes the dream work, but building a cohesive team might not be as easy as it seems. That’s where team building workplace activities come into play. When individual team members have better relationships, there is more synergy and innovation in the workplace. Here are some team building workplace activities that we think are important for building a boss team.


Lunch and Learns

Many of our teams enjoy lunch and learn sessions where they learn a new subject while eating together. Our RMS Life team organizes lunch and learns periodically to teach employees about health and nutrition. Breaking bread together brings employees together over one of our favorite things, good food! It also provides a unique and fun learning environment where employees feel valued.


Work Book Clubs

RMS Lead is an initiative created by the RMS leadership team to develop employee’s personal and professional skills. Employees read books like Eat that Frog, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and Thank you for Arguing, gaining invaluable lessons that translate into the workplace. Just as important, all RMS Lead participants are invited to a monthly happy hour to discuss the books we’ve read over drinks and good food. Like I said, we’re all about good food. Plus, getting together outside of work is a great way for employees to bond on a different level, which can build a friendlier working environment. We’ll cheers to that!


Comfortable Break Room

In our recent office expansion, we added the Game Room, complete with massage chairs, a comfy sofa and Game Cube. Aside from Mario Kart battles, the room is a quiet haven when employees want a break from the open floor office. Comfort also helps elicit unique ideas and collaboration, and many teams hold meetings in the Game Room to find ways to better work together. When employees are physically comfortable, they are more likely to express their ideas. The room sets the tone to facilitate open conversations and teamwork.


Sports Teams

Do you really know someone if you haven’t seen them swing a softball bat? We don’t think so. That’s why we formed the RMS softball team, followed by the RMS flag football team, which wasn’t quite as successful as softball but still just as fun. We’re still working on our football running game, and there’s always next year. If your team can collaborate on the field outside of the office, they’ll be better able to collaborate and problem-solve in the office. If hosting a sports team isn’t realistic, try something that’s easier on the budget, like hosting 10-minute yoga sessions to get the blood flowing and refresh the mind.


Comment below and let us know how your team collaborates well. If you’re interested in working for a cohesive, fun to be around team, check out our Employment page for job opportunities.

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